Senior RF Electrical Engineer with 30+ years experience and proven track record in the Wireless Communications and Electronics Industries including Consumer, Commercial and Department of Defense. Expertise in product design, RF circuit, system and antenna design, combined with analog and digital hardware design. A self-motivated individual with experience in project and engineering team management, program management, technical marketing, product development, domestic and international business development, sourcing and manufacturing. Have taken many successful products and programs from inception in the Untied States to mass production in North America, South America and Asia. Have successfully managed DoD technical programs to completion and projects through the DoD Acquisition Process.


Engineering Manager, Harris: Fall 2017-present

Clearance: Top Secret:  Engineering Manager of the High Frequency Design Technologies (HFDT) Department is required to perform supervisory, planning, and technical leadership of all tasks associated with and within the HFDT group.

  Role demands the ability to manage and direct the design and development of advanced RF, Microwave, and High Speed Analog assemblies, including multi-chip modules, RF and mixed-mode circuit card assemblies, Monolithic Microwave ICs, high power RF amplifier IC’s and upper level amplifier assemblies, and RF receiver and transmitter sub-systems. Significant design and assembly expertise in these technologies is required. Role also demands oversight of prototype and production run quantities of RF assemblies comprised of thick film low temperature co-fired ceramic substrates. Experienced with Agilent Advanced Design System, Cadence Allegro, Cadence AMS, and EM simulation design tools.

These efforts include overall department management with respect to leading a group of 10 or more Engineers and Technicians.

  • Technical oversight and direction of all development activities within the group
  • Manpower planning and forecasting
  • Job and task assignments
  • Staff performance reviews and compensation
  • Staff training
  • Expense and capital budgeting / management
  • Safety and workplace environment management
  • Responsibility for Department fabrication and assembly lab supervision / monitoring

This role encompasses RF technical leadership for the project, financial leadership for the project with budget and schedule responsibility within the department, significant customer technical interface, and hardware build / test /delivery responsibility for both limited run prototypes and production quantity hardware.

Project Manager: 2014-Fall 2017                                                                       Specialty Systems, Toms River, NJ

Clearance: Top Secret: Project Management of the Shooter Tablet System (STS) Software Application Development that allows US Naval Shooter Officers to properly configure Steam Catapult Capacity Selector Valve (CSV) settings for successful aircraft launch off the current US Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers.   STS is an application that replaces legacy book lookups and manual calculations with a simple, intuitive, and durable MS Windows Tablet based software solution.

  • Providing Project Management and Technical Leadership of a 6 to 8 person project team for the STS Software Application Development and Hardware Integration throughout a full Department of Defense Acquisition Cycle in conjunction with NAVAIR, Lakehurst NJ.
  • Project Planning, Schedule and Resource Management, Technical Leadership and significant contributions in the areas of Systems Engineering, Requirements Definition, Hardware Selection, High-Level Software Design and Test.
  • Oversight of Cyber Security System Design and Implementation.
  • STS is implemented via Windows Embedded 7 using MS SQL Server, MS .net framework and programmed in C#.
  • STS is a 2-year Project to be completed in 2016 including live testing on a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier and deployed on the US Aircraft Carrier Fleet in 2017.

Senior Project Engineer: 2010-2014                                                             Specialty Systems, Toms River, NJ

Clearance: Top Secret – SCI: Provided Senior Project Engineering and RF system expertise on Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, ISR, aircraft with focus on narrow band voice and data communications systems for US Department of Defense US Army CERDEC Branch.

  • RF Communications Subject Matter Expert on Enhanced Medium Altitude Surveillance System, EMARSS aircraft. Providing analysis and support of communications systems integration with emphasis on range performance and Co-site mitigation.
  • Performed integration analysis of closely co-located voice and data RF Transceivers on this platform that contains 8 line of sight pilot and mission radios and many other classified transceiver systems. Analysis was done for various legacy waveforms including AM, FM, PSK and FSK and advanced JTRS waveforms including SRW, and Harris ANW2 networking waveforms. Analysis was performed in frequency bands including VHF, UHF and L band.
  • Result: Documented frequency planning guidelines and system shortcomings during simultaneous operations of certain radio communication modes.
  • Co-authored communications test plans for EMARSS Aircraft in conjunction with Government team and prime contractor Boeing, the aircraft supplier.
  • System design of ground based Tactical Operations Center, TOC, a simulation of equipment and capabilities typically found in a forward Amy base. Designed, procured and implemented all necessary ground equipment to execute all Communications and partial ISR testing including various VHF, UHF, L band, S Band, Ku Band military radios, antennas, video receivers and SATCOM systems.

Program Manager:             2009-2010                                                                 Specialty Systems, Toms River, NJ

Clearance: Top Secret: Provided Program Management, and project engineering in area of Airborne and Ground Military Communications, Antenna Systems and Avionics for US Department of Defense US Army CERDEC Branch.

  • Provided Program Management and lead engineering on “Antenna Center of Excellence” research program designed to optimize antenna profile of the US Army Black Hawk Helicopter.
  • Result: Developed Low Profile UHF Right Hand Circularly Polarized SATCOM antenna prototype for US Department of Defense rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Antenna was modeled using CAD FEKO Simulation Software.
  • Co-Developed and provided RF System Analysis for Ku Band R&D experimental Test Bed used of airborne characterization of Ku Band data links, modulation types and antenna systems. Procured necessary equipment and assisted in test bed construction, test and evaluation.

Program Manager Portable Receivers: 2007-2009                               iBiquity Digital, Basking Ridge, NJ

Developed HD Radio™ portable platforms and products and introduced them into the consumer market. Provided company with lead RF expertise that included RF front-end design, fixed and portable antenna design and integration, radio module design, and specifications for RFICs. Provided business development of HD radio systems and products with focus on portable receivers.

  • Responsible for the design, deployment and business development of portable products, i.e. MP3 players with integrated FM HD Radios, into the consumer market.
  • Allied with several key Multi-media SOIC vendors domestically and internationally including Austria Micro-Systems and Telechips, Korea, and integrated HD Radio solutions into their reference designs.
  • Result: First ever HD Radio™ Portable Proto-type products at CES 2008.
  • US Patent 2010/0144295: “Adaptive Impedance Matching, (AIM) for Electrically Small Radio Receiver Antennas”. Aided in concept and system design. Provided hardware design and characterized at in house semi-anechoic chamber. Provided key insight to receiver characteristics that was critical in optimizing antenna tuning and AGC control algorithms for the receiver front-end. Provided system specifications for receiver RFICs based on this patent.
  • Patent Result: 4dB to 8dB improvement in Portable FM Receivers that typically use electrically short antennas in the form of ear bud headphone wires or internal loops.
  • Provided radio module reference designs using the latest HD Radio chipsets.
  • Provided RF front-end design with filtering and matching for all antenna elements and configurations across the full HD Radio product line.


Director Technical Marketing:        2006-2007                                              Mobicom Corp, Holmdel, NJ

Management of the Product Test Team responsible for international mass production and test. Owned product certification including GSM regulatory specifications, network compatibility, and FCC Part 15 Compliance.

  • Provided technical satisfaction of key customer accounts and wireless service providers. Empowered to negotiate contracts with customers, suppliers and manufacturing.
  • Product concept creation and business development in step with our sales force.
  • US Patent 2006/0282384: Methods and apparatus for a wireless terminal with third party advertising, dual authentication method”. A clever scheme for attaching advertising to a pay as you go cell phone such that the advertisement would subsidize the price of the pay as you go minutes.


Sr. RF Engineer: 1999-2006                                                                               Mobicom Corp, Holmdel, NJ

Key participant of experienced hardware group with emphasis on teamwork and hardware re-use capabilities our CAD systems to design families of products from single transceiver designs. Lead hardware engineer on several GSM products including a folding full QUERTY keyboard multimedia handset with MP3 and FM radio, a GPRS PCMCIA card, and a low cost high volume handset for children.

  • Lead hardware design engineer of the Firefly ™ GSM children’s cell phone, winner of the 2005 CES wireless gadget of the year and 2006 CTIA show handset of the year awards.
  • Result: $50 Million gross revenue.
  • RF circuit level design and optimization of GSM transceivers and sub circuits including in depth knowledge, design and analysis of PLL synthesizers, VCOs, RF amplifiers and filters.
  • Responsible for all antenna design efforts and technologies at Mobicom. Extensive practical knowledge of antenna technologies including muti-band ¼l monopoles and F-type internal antennas. Deployed practical techniques for enhancing antenna system performance in real use, i.e. “head and hand” situations through mechanical and electrical design. Have worked on “Flip” and “Bar” type handsets. Studies are done with head and hand models and EMC chambers with full system efficiency measurement capabilities.
  • Tools include Cadence (Orcad) Schematic and PADS power Logic, P-Spice and MathCAD


RF Engineer, Member of Technical Staff: 1991-1999                           Lucent Technologies Bell Labs

Member of development team of 900MHz ISM Band, QFSK, Frequency Hopping wireless telephone system for PBX. Developed three generations of in building wireless terminals while working interactively with systems engineering.

  • Circuit design of RF synthesizers, VCOs, filters, RF PAs, modulators, up converter/mixers, RF amplifiers, and filters. Spent extensive time learning the art of specification, design, analysis, simulation, fabrication and test of these RF sub-circuits.
  • Participated in communications system design for frame timing, RF circuit block diagram, link budget, parameters such as output power, modulation Index vs. IF filter BW, bit rate and channel spacing.
  • Use of CAD tools; P-Spice, EESOF Series V, MathCad, Integra/Mentor Graphics.

As member of PBX telephone systems engineering team, performed system and circuit level design of low cost BFSK data modem for Small Office/Home Office telephone system. System was designed to multiplex data and voice for up to 14 terminals over single twisted pair bus.

  • Key member in development of system architecture for data and voice transmission schemes.
  • Fully developed low cost modem hardware.
  • Co-developed token based protocol for data modem control.            

Senior Technical Associate: 1989-1991                                                        AT&T Bell Labs Consumer Products Developed 46/49MHz cordless telephones for low cost, high volume channels. Participated in redesign of several phone models. Highlights included Integrating “Compander” circuitry in audio/RF system to obtain improved audio signal to noise on analog FM channels known as Clarity Plus. Aided in design, debug and documentation including RF, audio, and control. Completed FCC part 15 and UL. Designed and documented production test procedures.

Technical Associate: 1984-1989                                                                       AT&T Bell Labs                    

Member of Local Area Network hardware development team. In conjunction with a senior engineer, developed analog interface circuitry for IEEE 803.2 10 BASE-T LAN. This working group was the first to develop Ethernet transmission on twisted pair CAT 5 cable replacing Coax. Assignment included extensive study of several types of twisted pair wires and their electrical parameters such as characteristic impedance, attenuation vs. frequency, and impulse response. Used this study to develop transmitter and receiver hardware with matched filtering and “pre-distortion” essentially the inverse impulse response of the cable system.   Worked with IEEE 802.3 standards committee to solidify the physical layer specifications and hardware design.



Pursuit of MSEE 12 Credits Outstanding                                                      Monmouth University, NJ

Focus in Communications Systems including courses in Microwave Techniques, Digital Communication Theory, Image Processing and Information Compression, Wireless Systems, and Optical Fiber Systems. Did not complete due to intense workload and international travel with Mobicom Corp.

BSEE, Minor Mathematics January 1992 GPA 3.4                                 Monmouth University, NJ

Coursework in Electro-magnetics, Microwaves, Linear Systems, Control Systems, Physical Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Mathematics.

ASEET June 1984 GPA 3.98                                                                              Middlesex County College, NJ

Entry level courses in mathematics, physics, electrical circuits, active electronics and microprocessor systems.



RF Design Certificate, 1996                                                                                   Besser Associates

Series of six 1 week in house courses taught at Bell Labs by Les Besser Associates pertaining to RF and Microwave engineering and circuit and systems simulation. Included hands on use of COMPACT and ESOFF Series V microwave analysis software. Les Besser taught most courses personally.