Products and Ideas

Dean has developed many mobile phone and portable radio products and proto-types, some of them pictured below.

Z-Touch Dialing

Z-Touch Dialing was a 2006 concept developed by Dean to go with the extremely small sized mobile phone pictured.  The input method was pre-touch screen but did attempt to use a combination of touch pads to eliminate a full keyboard.  

The phone prototype pictured was a fully operational GSM handset and was envisioned to be a persons "Companion Phone" or second phone.  The carrier could enable both the primary and Companion Phone to ring simultaneously when called and the phonebooks to synchronize via over the air.  The Companion phone had NFC payment capabilities and worked very well as a speakerphone.  

Very Similar to Smart Watch Functions of Today!

Tactical Operations Center Test Bed

Designed, constructed and operated mobile and fixed Tactical Operations Centers (TOC) to compliment airborne C4ISR testing of narrow band voice and data communications for various US Army airborne platforms.

Hardware Design

Or-CAD schematic capture of many consumer and commercial hardware platforms including detailed RF, analog and digital circuitry.