UHF Satcom Antenna


Careful holistic analysis of antenna systems lead to a desire for a Low Profile UHF SATCOM antenna prototype as a proof of concept model.  Using a small team a set of requirements were set allowing a design to be produced.  


The cross polarized UHF element was simulated using a combination of CST and CAD-FEKO RF modeling software.  Once ideal performance was reached, the team produced a prototype to be characterized.  


A non airworthy prototype was fabricated meeting all the physical requirements of the proof of concept design.


The final design was characterized for S11 (input impedance) and then placed in an RF Anechoic Chamber to fully characterize its radiation pattern.


The new design proved to be over 30% low in height than its predecessor, and still meet all electrical requirements.  The team felt this is an excellent concept for both Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircraft and the overall effort a success.