AIM Patent 12-331,731 3
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Dean Telson Resume
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Methods and apparatus for a wireless terminal with third party advertising
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Z-Touch Dialing Patent Application
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  1. AIM Patent was a collaborative development involving the Lead PHD, Brian Kroeger and a small group including Dean Telson at iBiquity Digital Inc, the makers or HD-Radio technology.  Dean's contribution are explained on the dedicated page to this topic.
  2. Dean Telson Resume downloads in PDF format.
  3. Mobile Phone 3rd Party Advertising was a pre-phone era clever scheme to attach physical advertising via a pre-paid calling card to the outer housing of a Mobile Phone and allowing the Advertiser to subsidize pre pay minutes.  This was developed at Mobicom. 
  4. Z-Touch Dialing was a pre-iPhone keyboard input method/idea championed by Dean and explored by Mobicom corp as a method of completely eliminating a keyboard in a extremely small mobile phone design.