Dean Telson is a professional with 30+ years experience and proven track record in the wireless communications and electronics industries including consumer, commercial and department of defense.  Expertise in product design, communications system and antenna design, RF, analog and digital circuit design, and system integration.  A self-motivated individual with experience in engineering team management, program management, technical marketing, product development, domestic and international business development, sourcing and manufacturing.  Have taken many successful products to mass production in North America, South America and Asia.  Have successfully managed DoD technical teams, projects and programs to completion through the DoD acquisition process.


Dean is currently Engineering Manager of the High Frequency Design Technologies Department in the Electronics Warfare division of Harris developing state or the art RF and uWave systems and assemblies.  His responsibilities include technical leadership, financial leadership, development of new technology, technology roadmaps and significant customer technical interfacing.  His team designs, develops and oversees the production of advanced Electronic Warfare systems capable of threat warning and electronic countermeasures in the ever-changing EW environment.  He currently has 10 or more direct reports.

Prior to his position at Harris, Dean was employed in the department of defense industry as a project manager in charge of a software development team modernizing US Navy legacy systems by implementing clever tablet based mobile software applications used top side on todays Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers.   Additionally has led and managed projects with focus on aircraft avionics, communications system integration, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, and antenna system design and integration.